Computerworld: Russia to launch a government agency search engine

8 October

Gosbar to open access to services and government agencies

The upcoming search and navigation system Gosbar will help people to navigate the websites of multiple ministries and agencies and to locate the services they want, the authors of the project believe.

All websites of federal, regional and municipal agencies that offer e-services will get one search engine and one directory, according to The Izvestia. The development of Gosbar will cost RUB 7 million. The system, commissioned by RT Labs (a 100%-owned subsidiary of Rostelecom), has announced procurement from a single supplier, Netrica, a St Petersburg company, that has developed a portal for the Telecom ministry and a number of regional websites in St Petersburg.

The system will enable quick navigation across government agencies’ websites (of which a directory will be created). It will be able to search across all their websites and monitor whether or not they are available. The system will also be collecting user statistics. At a later stage, said a source knowledgeable about the development plans, Gosbar will offer services that are available from the public services portal. This will help to locate the relevant e-services using the navigation bar on any government agency website.

As follows from the work specification, the search engine interface will be a web app operating on Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Opera, Apple Safari and Internet Explorer 9 or higher. It follows from the same specification that Gosbar is powered by Rostelecom-developed search engine Sputnik.