RTLabs Birthday!

1 April

The Company turns 17

Today RTLabs is 17 years old. The last year became a landmark for the Company: the number of users of the Public Services Portal has exceeded 100,000 million, and the number of employees was more than  1,000. A number of important contracts were executed, prestigious industry awards were won, and new services were launched on the Public Services Portal. The RTLabs team was strengthened by the new standalone subdivision in Izhevsk, and the first internal meetup “Local Electric Train Day” received a lot of positive feedback.
Today, RTLabs employees provide uninterrupted operation of resources almost 24 hours a day, which helps improve control over the situation with coronavirus. WithIn a short time frame, the following services were implemented: a service to help Russians to return to their homeland, registration of those coming to the Russian Federation, health monitoring diary, and a section with useful information about the COVID-19. Very soon a number of other important services will be launched.
"We work for people, and our primary goal is to make our products as much useful and fast growing as possible,” emphasized Alexey Trachuk, General Director of RTLabs.
The high expertise and solidarity of the RTLabs team allows us to meet any challenges, set ambitious goals and successfully achieve them. Happy Birthday!