Public Services Portal users can find out where their credit histories are stored

5 February

More than 187 thousand requests were submitted during the first three months of running the service  

With the adoption of amendments to the law “On Credit Histories”, starting from January 31, credit histories can be requested free of charge twice a year (not once, as before) from any credit history bureau (CB) that store information about client’s loans, repayments and security checks.
The list of credit bureaus can be retrieved through the Public Services Portal an unlimited number of times. Using a verified account, you need to log in to and sel ect the service “Information about credit bureaus”. Applicant’s passport details and SNILS (insurance policy number) will be incorporated into the request automatically, and the list of CBs will be sent to the user’s personal area. Twice a year, you can request your credit history fr om these bureaus free of charge, applying to the CB directly rather than through the Portal.
The lists of CBs have been available on the Portal since early November 2018. For the first three months of running the service, the number of such requests exceeded 187 thousand. The demand for the service grew significantly, however, after the adoption of amendments to the law, with over 111 thousand applications filed during the first 4 days. January 31 saw the record number of applications – almost 43 thousand.
There is a thread to a detailed guide for those wishing to receive credit history data via the Public Services Portal.
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