Unified Public Services Portal can be accessed through online-banking

2 March

RTLabs has implemented a service that verifies user accounts at EPGU

Rostelecom and its subsidiary RTLabs has implemented an option for Sberbank Online, Post Bank Online (Internet-bank and mobile bank), and Tinkoff Bank customers to confirm their user accounts at the Uniform Public Services Portal ( The service is free for the banks.
The scope of works included integration of the banks’ IT systems with the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA). ESIA offers a single account to access multiple governmental information systems, including the EPGU.
A verified account allows access to all public services rendered in the electronic format: kindergarten or school enrolment, check of the amount of pension accruals, registration of motor transport, payment of state fees or traffic police fines, taxes and penalties adjudicated by courts, receive or renew passports, and etc.
To confirm an account via Sberbank Online it is necessary to log in the system and click banner “Register at the Public Services Portal” to get to the personal data confirmation screen. After the confirmation one can get access to any public service, including submitting an application to be included into the electoral roll of any convenient voting station during the election of the President of the Russian Federation (the service is implemented by the RF Telecom Ministry and Central Elections Commission to be available through March 12, 2018).
The “Public Services Account Verification” service in the Internet-bank and mobile-bank of Post Bank Online can be found in section ‘Payments and Transfers’, subsection “Public Services”; in the Tinkoff Bank the same can be located in section “Payments”, subsection “Public Services”.
“The possibility to verify the account at the Unified Public Services Portal via online-banking improves the availability of public services, also for people living in remote areas. The new service allows public services to be accesses online without the need to visit a Service Center or obtain a proof of identity code by mail. In turn, banks participating in the project can expect the expansion of their client base through providing popular public services at their Internet portal,” – said Mikhail Bondarenko, Director for E-Government, Rostelecom.
In 2017 about 1.3 bln public services were rendered through the EPGU, which is 3 times the number of the same a year ago. Most of them require a verified account, held by some 60% of EPGU users, which represents over 40 mln citizens.