A prototype of the coronavirus recognition service has been developed

17 April

The solution helps you to arrange the process of remote diagnostics

RTK Radiology, a subsidiary of RTLabs, has developed a prototype of the coronavirus recognition service (COVID-19) using lung X-ray images. The service operates on the basis of a radiological information system in which X-ray images are accumulated. The technology can be used to quickly identify symptoms of infection and take immediate action.
The radiological information system renders possible to automate the work of the radiological service, organize remote operation and conduct remote consultations by the analysis and description of medical tests, regardless of the location of the specialists. The use of the solution will also help create an array of data for screening various pathologies, including identification of COVID-19 symptoms.
Today, together with the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization  "Innopolis University" in the regions, pilot tests are performed to automatically recognize images using artificial intelligence.
Based on the results of testing, the technology as a component of the automation of the radiological service will be included in the Unified Digital Healthcare Platform, the development and implementation of which in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation is carried out by Digital Medical Services (a joint venture of Rostelecom and Rostec State Corporation).