Rostelecom and RT Labs present Maternity information system

16 February

Maternity is designed for the integrated monitoring of mothers-to-b

Maternity was presented in St Petersburg at the 3rd Pan-Russian and International Conference Perinatal Medicine: From Preconception Planning To Healthy Motherhood and Childhood under the auspices of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Moscow Region and the St Petersburg State Medical University of Pediatrics.

Maternity can be used by a separate medical institution either as a stand-alone information system or as part of Rostelecom’s Regional Medical Information System (RMIS) currently operated in 19 Russian regions. In the Northwest Federal District, the implementation of RMIS is now under way in the Republic of Komi.

‘Maternity is designed for the integrated monitoring of mothers-to-be across the region, from the moment they are registered as such until they deliver or choose another option for their pregnancy. The system’s business processes help to boost the quality and availability of medical care. Timely admissions and fewer urgent cases result in a lower perinatal and maternal mortality rate in situations under control, whereas the opportunity to plan medical care ahead helps to reduce the workload and optimize obstetricians’ and gynecologists’ working hours. It is worth noting that the system will be cost effective for both medical institutions and patients,’ said Tatiana Skvortsova, Project Director at RT Labs.

‘Rostelecom has built a sufficient technical potential to fulfil the government’s objective of changing over to e-service, specifically in healthcare. In medicine, available and skilled medical aid is unthinkable without up-to-date information and communication technologies. At the previous conference we saw great interest from potential customers, and we are now fit to get directly involved in the informatization of the Russian healthcare system and to deliver projects for efficient and accessible medical care,’ adds Alexei Nesterov, Director for Applied Projects at Rostelecom Northwest.
Rostelecom’s lead system integrator RT Labs is involved in RMIS implementation and maintenance across all federal entities. The design and development of medical information systems are the responsibility of the Company’s branch in Kazan.
RMIS implementation helps regions to meet the requirements of Russian Healthcare Ministry’s methodological recommendations and road map.