RT MIS and Tsifromed have developed services for doctors to combat COVID-19

23 April

This is the first system integrated with the Federal Information Resource of Information Recording

RT MIS and Tsifromed, RTLabs subsidiaries, have developed services for doctors to combat coronavirus (COVID-19) as part of a single digital platform in the field of healthcare of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. They were the first in Russia to integrate these services with the Federal Information Resource of Information Recording.
Now, data on patients with a diagnosed COVID-19, pneumonia and suspected infection with COVID-19, as well as information on the treatment, provided medical care, epidemiological history and laboratory testing of patients, are automatically delivered there.
The data is generated following a detailed questioning of patients at the initial consultation with any specialist, during the emergency medical care or urgent treatment, and at the hospital ER. If the patient is quarantined, the general practitioner will issue a control card that renders possible to monitor the patient’s condition on a day-to-day basis. The doctor himself enters the data, giving details of the condition by phone or any other means of communication. The patient can independently keep a health diary in his personal area on the regional portal of medical services or a mobile application. In this case, the system notifies the doctor of new entries.
Separate lists of patients are also generated in the system: with suspicion of COVID-19, with a confirmed diagnosis, lists of people who have recovered, and of those whose provisional diagnosis was not confirmed. The new service allows neighborhood doctors to view information about patients registered in their neighborhood. Online monitoring of all the lists made, as well as of the data about patients who had been in contact with those infected, but were left without medical care, is available to specialists of regional healthcare management authorities. A roster of doctors working with those infected with COVID-19 is also generated.
The system allows emergency doctors to receive information in real time on the availability of beds allocated for patients infected with coronavirus. Specialists from medical organizations and the Region's Ministry of Health have access to online monitoring of free boxes, beds and medical equipment allocated for patients with COVID-19.
The developed services meet the requirements of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation “On the approval of temporary rules for recording information to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)” and the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation “On the temporary procedure for arranging the work of medical organizations for taking measures to prevent and reduce the risks of the new COVID-19 infection."