Regional informatization


System for Procedural Compliance

The System for Procedural Compliance (SIR) is an information system that provides individuals and organizations with public and municipal services in electronic form, and ensures inter-agency communication of public authorities. User access is provided through the Uniform Identification and Authentication System (ESIA).  

SIR is integrated with the Inter-agency Electronic Interaction System (SMEV 3.0) insofar it concerns interaction with federal bodies of executive power (FOIV). In 1Q 2017 the System functionality will be expanded to include the possibility of receiving applications for the provision of services through SMEV 3.0. 

The System comprises the following components and modules:

  • Adapter/ Services Library which is a set of forms to cover the needs of the regions in an interagency communication. The library is delivered as a stand-alone solution that is integrated with SIR, but featuring an API for integration with other departmental information systems;

  • Regional Inter-agency Communication Module which is a tool to independently design intraregional requests, and to use such requests for the provision of public services and functions;

  • Interregional Inter-agency Communication Module (96-p)  which is designed for interoperability with other subjects of the Russian Federation to provide and receive regional data necessary for the provision of federal and municipal level services;

  • User Module allows the public services providers to send queries through interagency communication channels and to configure its settings;
  • Appointment Module is intended for making a preliminary electronic record of appointments for those wishing to make an appointment with a government agency by submitting an application from a Public Services Portal within the framework of rendering federal or municipal level services. 

  • Payments Module allows a transfer of bills issued by the executive bodies to the Federal Information System of State and Municipal Payments (GIS GMP), receive from it information on actually paid bills, as well as send information to GIS GMP of the payments made.

  • Reporting Module is designed to generate electronic reports on federal or municipal level services provided and inter-agency electronic interaction in the regional e-government infrastructure.

The System for Procedural Compliance and its modules are actively used in 18 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Enhancements of its interface and functionality are scheduled for 2017 as part of the System development plan.