Informatization of healthcare


CAMI. Teleradiology

The Central Archive of Medical Images (CAMI) automates the work of radiological and diagnostic services of medical institutions. It helps experts to store diagnostic materials (e.g. medical images), share them and provide remote and local consultations in an integrated information and diagnostic environment. ‘CAMI- Teleradiology’ is connected to the Uniform Health Information System (EGISZ).

CAMI-Teleradiology means:
a web portal enabling search, filtering, sorting and displaying diagnostic materials;
an entirely Russian product, highly reliable and fault-tolerant;
flexible licensing policy without restrictions on the number of studies, connected equipment or users;
availability of a mechanism for integration with any medical information systems;
extensive customization capabilities adjustable to the needs of specific customers.

The system is already rolled-out in Murmansk, Tambov, Orenburg, Vladimir, Irkutsk regions, the Republic of Tatarstan, Primorsky Krai and the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia.
The system became the winner in the nomination “Best Telemedicine Project” of the competition “Top 10 IT Projects. Education and Healthcare”, organized by the Ministry of Telecommunications and COMNEWS Group.